November TBR (#Mythothon)


The lovely Louise over at the blog Foxes And Fairtales has made a readathon for this month featured around Greek mythology. You can find out more information here. There is 25 prompts so here we go!

Zeus, King of the Gods. God if the sky. Read a book at least 400 pages long.

Hera. Queen of the Gods. Goddess of marriage, mothers and families. Read a book about royalty.

Hebe. Goddess of eternal youth. Read a middle grade or young adult book.

Possidon. God of the sea. Read a book which features the sea-mermaids, pirates, surfers etc.

Hermes. God of travelers and thrives. Read a book set in a country not your own.

Aphrodite. Goddess of love and beauty. Read about with a beautiful cover.

The Hydra. Multiheaded serpent. Read a book with more than one POV.

Iris. Goddess of the rainbow. Read a book with your favorite color on the cover or in the title.

Ancient Greece. Read a book set in the past.

Hestia. Goddess of the hearth. Read the first book in a series.

Dionysus. God of wine. Celebrate this year by reading a 2018 release.

Archilles and Patrocius. Read a book with a LGBT+ protagonist.

Free choice.

Homer. Read a retelling (of a myth, fairy tale, classic novel etc.)

Hephaestus. God of fire and smiths. Read a book with a disabled character.

Ares. God of war. Read a book with a compelling antagonist or a book written from a villains point of view.

Echidna. Mother of monsters. Read a book about monsters-dragons, zombies, serial killers etc.

Heracles. Read a popular book (define ‘popular’ as you wish).

Gaia. Primordial earth goddess. Read a book which was published at least 5 years ago.

Artemis. Goddess of the moon and the hunt. Read a book with an animal on the cover or in the title.

Athena. Goddess of wisdom, strategy, and crafts. Read a book that is not the first in a series.

Persephone. Goddess of the underworld and springtime. Read a book which is less than 200 pages.

Apollo. God of prophesy, plague and poetry. Read a collection of poetry or short stories.

Hades. God of the underworld and riches. Read about which you got for free (library, from a friend, arc, kindle offer etc.).

Demeter. Goddess of agriculture. Read a book with a nature word in the title- e.g. Leaf, wind, flower etc.